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Bernhard Law Firm Upholds These Core Principles

We work to provide the best law firm experience in Florida.

To accomplish this goal, we have adopted a set of core principles designed to maximize our availability, client service, empathy, litigation skills, and ethical integrity. We do this while sustaining cost-consciousness and fee flexibility.

The Best Lawyer Is the Most-Prepared Lawyer

This is our primary litigation rule of thumb. With this tenet in mind, we tirelessly research the law and perfect our legal rhetoric in preparation for live courtroom litigation.

Better Results from Firsthand Courtroom Experience

We have handled hundreds of cases that required countless courtroom hours in front of judges and juries, hashing out live litigation. Our skills are tested and molded by trial experience. We have honed our civil litigation methods to get peak results.

Client-First Service

Our clients and their needs are front—and—center in everything we do. We are accessible and available around the clock to address client emergencies. We are patient and understanding — we know our clients expect a comfortable, relaxed, and understandable legal experience. We are reliable and punctual — we know that our clients' time is a valuable commodity.

Passion for the Law

We embrace legal research, legal issues, legal debates, and explaining the law. Because we are ardent about the law, the judge and jury feel that passion, which foments influence and encourages positive results for our clients.

The Highest Ethical Integrity

We work under a strict ethical code. We combine principles of honesty and transparency, fairness and reason, and compassion and respect. Our integrity translates into trustworthy, clean, and professional work.

Cost-Conscious and Efficient

Our practices focus on the financial benefit of our clients. We work to keep each of our client's costs low, income high, and finances secure. If there is a more efficient way to do our work without sacrificing quality, we will take the efficient path, minimizing overhead and maximizing client recoupment. We are flexible and transparent with our fees to provide true value. To ensure client trust and satisfaction, there are no hidden costs and no surprise charges.

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