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Escalated Counsel

Today, Bernhard Law Firm provides its escalated counsel to the public at large, representing consumers, businesses, and financial institutions alike. As escalated counsel, we are uniquely positioned to handle both prosecution and defense of civil litigation in fraud, commercial, and consumer finance issues.

When representing plaintiffs, our maxim is swift advance. When representing defendants, we excel at quickly discerning the meritorious lawsuits from the discreditable actions, surgically crafting motions to dismiss legally unsustainable cases, and promptly initiating negotiation on creditable claims. We relentlessly hammer at procedural deficiencies, systematically strip away imperfect claims, and methodically unwind insufficient evidence to obtain the fairest results.

We have represented some of the largest national lenders and corporate entities, including Fortune 25 corporations and national banking companies in their escalated matters throughout Florida. We have worked for Fortune 500 property and home development companies, and hundreds of associations in their real estate development, management, and litigation matters. Numerous businesses, investors, and individuals have engaged us to handle their business, property, and investment disputes. Contact us now to access our unique vision, knowledge, and understanding of fraud, business, and finance.

Bernhard Law Firm is escalated counsel, uniquely trained in the most complex and high-end fraud and finance litigations of the past decade.

The escalated counsel phenomenon began in the decade leading up to the millennium debt crisis, when rampant fraud exploded across the banking and lending sector. When the bubble burst, the nation’s largest banks chose a few select attorneys—their “escalated counsel”—to defend the onslaught of fraud lawsuits from businesses, borrowers, municipalities, the government, and other banks. As the complexity and stakes in any dispute escalated, the banks brought in their escalated counsel to handle it. These financial institutions required tenacious and highly motivated escalated counsel to investigate and civilly prosecute or defend the substantial fraud perpetrated. In this way, escalated counsel provided both the front line and the last line of defense for the banks’ real, personal, and securitized property. These escalated counsel attorneys were the banks’ paratroopers, jumping into the most complicated and deleterious bank disputes and lawsuits, often to assume litigation control from general or local counsel, and subdue the opposition.

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